Set Up Brandable Domains

HOW DO I SET UP A BRANDED SHORT DOMAIN? 1) PURCHASE THE BRANDED SHORT DOMAIN YOU’D LIKE TO USE.┬áThis domain can only be used for your shortened URLs. Sites like Domai.nr, GoDaddy, and 101domain are great places to begin your search. Note: Your Branded Short Domain name needs to be 15 characters or less, including the dot. 2) CREATE A DNS RECORD FOR YOUR BRANDED SHORT DOMAIN. The Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows

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Choosing a Domain Name

As we know that Domain registration is the process of registering your website on internet so you will get a specific IP address which defines your website and when you are going to register your domain choose a specific and unique name for your website which should be easy to remember. The Domain Name System is a central part of the Internet, providing a way to match names to numbers (the address for the website).

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